Welcome to BERINGER Behaelter

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The company BERINGER was established more than 60 years ago in Tagmersheim (Bavaria) as a locksmith’s workshop.The year 1970 paved the way leading to our core competencies as container supplier for environmental services and waste management systems.Our long tradition as manufacturer of skips and bins, based on highest quality standards and handcraft experience, led to the variety of products we offer today.Our philosophy is based on stability and professional manufacturing which lead to long product life-time cycles.

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After high investments in an efficient production system and continuous improvements made in our technical department, we provide today high quality products. With a constant focus on the requirements of the market, the family-owned company BERINGER, was able to transform into an international market leader with a large and satisfied customer base.

"Quality begins with the satisfaction of the customer in the center of thought"
John F. Akers